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Both aspiring gardeners and professional vegetable growers know the importance of keeping their plants healthy all year round. Sometimes the UK climate does not meet the needs of the plants you want to grow and this is why Solar Tunnels are dedicated to providing you with a better solution. High quality solar tunnels and 8mm polycarbonate greenhouses can protect your flora from weather conditions and help more exotic plants flourish in controlled, enhanced conditions.

With over 45 years of development these durable and affordable tunnels for hobby and professional growers offer a wide range of different options suitable for any garden, large or small. Our tunnels are proven to be more robust and longer lasting than basic polytunnels, as well as being remarkably adapted for self assembly. You can order our range of solar tunnels to be delivered flat packed and we deliver throughout the UK as well as internationally.

Building on from our origins in Europe, we strive to provide best quality solar tunnels to outperform the competition. Our solar tunnels are more popular than regular poly tunnels as they are tough, made from tear-resistant nylon mesh packed between two layers of polyethylene. They are spacious and easily relocated because of their design and materials used in production.

Furthermore our solar tunnels and 8mm Polycarbonate greenhouses are safer than glass houses as there is no risk of injury from broken glass to children or animals. Not only suitable for horticulture our solar tunnels are versatile enough to be used for pool enclosures and even as effective animal and storage solutions.

We supply a range of solar tunnels, from small scale versatile tunnels to larger sized solar tunnels built for avid gardeners and serious horticulturists. Our range of greenhouses come highly recommended, whether you need a small lean-to or a more classic greenhouse, and all our greenhouses are fitted with a double glazing effect for greater insulation.

If you are looking for a high quality, well made and cost effective solar tunnel or polycarbonate greenhouse, or if your existing installation is nearing the end of its life, and you are looking for a replacement, at Solar Tunnels we will be more than happy to help.

For more information on the range of greenhouses we supply to clients in Sussex, or our wider range of solar tunnels  that we deliver across the UK and further afield, why not get in contact with us by telephone on 01903 742615. Or alternatively you can email us at with your query.