Serralux Greenhouse

serralux greenhouse

Serralux Greenhouse full of treasured plants from citrus to olives and geraniums.
At this is the time of year an 8mm polycarbonate greenhouse is really appreciated.
It stores plants from the garden and the conservatory and shelters them from the worst extremes of the winter months ahead.
Like a double glazed home, extra heat can be provided on occasions, but with neoprene gaskets and brushed draft excluders to the doors it well designed for survival of all who live and work in it.

40 Years in Europe and still Growing Strong

It is often good to hear customer’s comments. Mr Muir from Scotland on ordering replacement covers recently said “They’re good value you know, the original covers lasted about 15 years” We don’t make claims of such longevity but the design and quality have stood the test of time over 40 years. They are certainly unique in many ways to basic polytunnels and marquee-tunnels. At this time of year it is good to see them full of crops which is good for the plants and those who love growing.


Solar Tunnels the modern alternative to polytunnels

Solar Tunnels have been featured on 5 TV programmes including:

  • Fork to Fork (Channel 4) used and presented by Monty Don.
  • River Cottage (Channel 4) used and presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
  • Gardeners World (BBC 2) used by Fernatix and presented by Monty Don.
  • Growing Out of Trouble (Channel 4) presented by Monty Don.
  • Jamie at Home (Channel 4) used and presented by Jamie Oliver.

Solar Tunnels are also featured in the following books.

  • Gardening under plastic by Bernard Salt.
  • Fork to Fork by Monty Don.
  • River Cottage Year by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
  • Jamie at Home by Jamie Oliver.

polytunnel books


Swim Spa Enclosures

Like many pool owners Mr & Mrs F…. have made a substantial investment but were unable to enjoy it due to this year’s adverse weather conditions. To solve the problem they bought a Solar Tunnel in the Elegant range with straight sides and white reinforced mesh covers. In addition they should also save a lot in heating and cleaning and have the option to swim every day of the year. At a small fraction of the initial cost it now has the combined benefits of an indoor and an outdoor pool.


Customers STAR Pictures

We like to receive digital pictures of Solar Tunnels in Action or Recreation such as this one on the edge of the South Atlantic Ocean. No prizes for guessing which one is being replaced or whether it will be another from the Splendid range!


New Double Span Serralux

We are always pleased to be associated with projects for those with learning difficulties.

In particular we thank the Perlins Project for choosing a double span 6m x 6m Serralux with 8mm polycarbonate glazing for a large amount of growing space with inbuilt safety & insulation.

This replaces an old glass house and marks the start of a new phase where each grower is responsible for produceing crops for sale to the local community. We look forward to posting further updates as this exciting project progresses.


Growing out of Trouble

Solar Tunnels were delighted to supply a 7m wide x 12m tunnel for this recent TV series where Monty led the project for rehabilitation and gave hope to many with this innovative scheme. We wish success to all concerned and hope that this will inspire others to discover the benefits of horticulture.


Solar Tunnels to Antarctica?

Well not quite, but the last outpost on the way. There are now several Solar Tunnels in the Falkland Islands. We sent one there three years ago and since then the numbers have grown almost entirely by recommendation. It is surprising how many islanders have bought TWO either at the same time or a year or 2 later.