Elegant Range

The Elegant combines all the advantages of the Splendid, but on a larger scale, allowing it to be used for commercial as well as domestic purposes.


The extra width allows a central bed to be developed, as well as one down each side. Because of its increased volume, it provides a more stable atmosphere for plants, and even better air circulation.

A particular aspect of this design is its sliding doors which glide easily from a top rail, or double doors can be specified. Other options include roof vents and roll-up sides.



Width: Length: Ref:
4.2m 4.5m 4451195
4.2m 6m 4601395
4.2m 7.5m 4751595
4.2m 9m 4901795
4.2m 10.5m 4101995
4.2m 12m 4122195
  • Larger sizes available.




Door options Sliding single or double door at either end.
Staging 3m length. Height adjustable brackets, support arms, aluminium frame and 6 trays.
Shading 4m wide reinforced netting holds to frame by unique system of clips and cords.
Flooring Black porous horticultural flooring and weed control: 2m or 3.25m wide.