Serralux Lean-To Greenhouse


Fifteen reasons to buy a Serralux lean-to greenhouse in 8mm polycarbonate:

  1. Utilises space behind the garage or house.
  2. Safer than a glass alternative.
  3. Insulation and heat conservation.
  4. Quality at an affordable price.
  5. Opaque glazing diffuses direct light.
  6. Winter protection of tender and exotic plants.
  7. Sliding door with draft excluder.
  8. Attachable direct to concrete, soil or gravel base.
  9. Gutter, downpipe and roof vent(s).
  10. Dog, cat and poultry resistant.
  11. Widths in 1.5m/2.25m/3m.
  12. Ridge heights from 2.3m.
  13. Choice of Colours.
  14. Auto Vents & Staging options.
  15. Fly screen door option.