Serralux Single Span Greenhouse

2.7m and 3m wide models

The Serralux models are a development of the traditional greenhouse, with glass replaced by 8mm polycarbonate twin-wall sheeting. Polycarbonate greenhouses have become very popular in Germany, for their added safety and insulation qualities.


Standard features include integral staging, gutters, downpipes, sliding door and three to four roof vents. Additional steel bracing on models over 3.75m long.

Serralux models are available in a wide variety of colours, or attractive aluminium finish.

Octagonal and lean-to models


The benefits of Serralux greenhouses

  1. Safe, light and strong 8mm polycarbonate
  2. Commercial quality aluminium framework
  3. Excellent eaves heights to 1.65m and 1.8m
  4. Lightweight panels are easier to handle
  5. Quick and easy to assemble
  6. Double-glazed effect gives better insulation
  7. Attractive modern designs
  8. Frames in wide choice of colour finish (+25%)
  9. Slide door with draught-excluder
  10. Unique bracing roof truss on 3.75m models
  11. Aluminium or concrete bases included
  12. Easier to relocate to a new site
  13. Substantial gutters and downpipes
  14. Full length staging included
  15. Available in flat-pack or with door and walls assembled


Wide range of options to add to the Serralux experience. Ebb and flow tables. Special water butts. Autovents. Irrigation. Heating. Shading. Foil blinds. High level shelf. Flooring. Double Span designs. Lean-to’s. Widths 2.7m or 3m. Lengths of 0.75m: eg 3m..3.75m..4.5m..5.25m..6m.


Width: Length: Ref:
2.7m 3m C2301250
2.7m 3.75m C2301550
2.7m 4.5m C2301850
2.7m 5.25m C2302050
2.7m 6m C2302350
2.7m 6.75m C2302650
3m 3m C3001550
3m 3.75m C3001850
3m 4.5m C3002150
3m 5.25m C3002450
3m 6m C3002750
3m 6.75m C3003050
  • Double span and lean-to sizes available.
  • Also supplied frame only for glazing by local specialist contractors