6 & 7 metre wide range

These original designs with curved sides are ideally suited for nursery and growing businesses, where the tunnel may need to be extended as business develops.

They incorporate the same modular design features of the straight sided models with steel framed doors at each end. Double doors and sliding doors are optional.


Arch sizes vary between 45mm diameter and 60mm diameter according to the width of the tunnel. Staging can be fitted to the uprights. Available in a choice of reinforced green PVC, clear or white opaque covers.


  • 6.0m x any length (1.5m modules)
  • 7.0m x any length (1.5m modules)


Door options Single or double door at either end, hinged or sliding.
Staging 3m length. Height adjustable brackets, support arms, aluminium frame and 6 trays.
Shading 4m wide reinforced netting holds to frame by unique system of clips and cords.
Flooring Black porous horticultural flooring and weed control: 1m or 3.25m wide.