Splendid Range

The Splendid is the most popular model. Measuring 3m (9’10”) in width, and starting at 4.5m (14’9″) in length, the Splendid can be extended by any number of modules, each module measuring 1.5m (5′) in length. Hinged doors at each end come as standard, but sliding doors are also available.


Ideal for the amateur grower who needs more space than a standard 6’x8′ greenhouse. Straight sides allow a lot more freedom of movement than with traditional polytunnels, and allow tall plants including tomatos and carnations to thrive.

This model neatly blends into a garden with its green mesh cover, and low profile which has a height of 2m, so that it can be screened by a garden fence.

Doors at both ends allow wide access, and provide ventilation as well as heat dissipation. In addition, wheelbarrows can gain easy access, due to the absence of any sill.

The unique reinforced plastic covers are all factory made, incorporating sealed pockets. This allows each individual cover to be fitted tightly to the framework. This neatly avoids all the well known problems associated with the construction of ordinary polytunnels.

splendid 3

The special anchors are another practical feature, which twist directly into the soil, or can be embedded in concrete. This allows the building to be easily relocated should circumstances change in the future.


Width: Length: Ref:
3m 4.5m 3450675
3m 6m 3600775
3m 7.5m 3750875
3m 9m 3900975
3m 10.5m 3101075
3m 12m 3121175
  • Larger sizes available.




Door options Replace hinged doors with single sliding door either end.
Staging 3m length. Height adjustable brackets, support arms, aluminium frame and 6 trays.
Shading 4m wide reinforced netting holds to frame by unique system of clips and cords.
Flooring Black porous horticultural flooring and weed control: 2m or 3.25m wide.