Over the years I have and still am growing Grapes, Peaches, Plums, Cherries. Tomatoes, Melons and Cucumbers…to name but a few…none would have been possible at 60 degrees north without my Solar Tunnel.”
PS. I also have 3 other polytunnels from other companies……………. but they’re not a patch on the ones from you!


Thanks for the quote. The price is within my budget thankfully! For logistical reasons I will delay ordering til mid/late summer (site not ready till then). I will contact you again closer to that time. Glad you enjoyed the programmes, the solar tunnels were invaluable and Jamie really likes them. I have actually moved on to greener pastures….an organic farm… Lots of fun without the stress of TV !


I need to do the first tunnel repairs after eight years and can’t remember how. I have extra plastic sheeting but don’t know what adhesive to use. It is certainly a sign that they are good that it took a desperate pheasant to make the first hole in eight years.


First my wife & I would like to say how delighted we are with our Solartunnel. We bought it from you at the NGS at Shepton Mallet in Sept. 05, but due to the steepness, rockiness and inaccessibility of our garden, a site wasn’t created for it until Spring 07. Once the site was ready, I was extremely pleased by the speed of erecting the Solartunnel, more or less single-handed. The diagrams & instructions were clear and easy to follow, all parts fitting together perfectly. The sliding doors are particularly good.
The resulting veg. crop has been equally pleasing, with local badgers very effectively stopped from raiding our best-ever turnips & carrots.


Following the small problem I initially had with the build, I am glad to report I am very happy with my tunnel. You may remember I put up a part of the tunnel to start with and planned to extend in the autumn. Well we have now added the extension which was very straight forward so we now have the full 48 foot tunnel.
Growing in it has been a delight. We soon got used to the characteristics of airflow to judge venting necessary and the different humidity levels to growing under glass. We had wonderful Tomatoes and the best cucumbers and melons and peppers we have ever grown. Despite going up late due to weather in April it proved invaluable for finnishing the bedding plant crop that we struggle to grow each year.
I am sure I could build another tunnel in half the time but will probably never do it again! So often in life I find the same thing!

R.C. (Professional gardener)