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Solar Tunnel

Our Solar Tunnels are more rugged than standard polytunnels and are double-layered with reinforcement to extend the growing season by up to three months.

Gardens large and small, Allotments, Nurseries, Home Businesses, Swimming Pools, Schools, Rehabilitation Centres, Nurseries and Specialist Growers now all enjoy the benefits that only a Solar Tunnel can provide.

The system combines the advantages of polythene and glass whilst avoiding their main frailties; for instance no risk of glass breaking where children play, not such extremes of temperature in summer and winter, and better looking than either bare aluminium and glass or polythene structures.

Solar Tunnels are easier to assemble than polytunnels which often need trenches digging all round the base to secure a single sheet of polythene, a job that may have to be done every time the covers need replacement. Instead of timber end frames and gathered polythene sheets, all Solar Tunnel doors are galvanised steel with their own tailor made covers and proper door handles and can be hinged or sliding.

In addition to a wide choice of styles and options in the Solar Tunnel range, there is also an exciting choice of “Serralux” Greenhouses which combine attractive aluminium profiles with thermally efficient twin-wall 8mm polycarbonate sheets. This is extremely good news for growers who need a warm greenhouse in winter to make each heat unit count.

Take a step towards a greener future with Solar Tunnels for a choice of new-concept products.

40 Years in Europe and still Growing Strong
14 September 2010
It is often good to hear customer’s comments. Mr Muir from Scotland on ordering replacement covers recently said “They’re good value you know, the original covers lasted about 15 years” We don’t make claims of such longevity but the design and quality have stood the test of time over 40 years. They are certainly unique in many ways to basic polytunnels and marquee-tunnels. At this time of year it is good to see them full of crops which is good for the plants and those who love growing.grapes